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Photo 40 - Professional Practices

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Photo 40 Project 1

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Photo 40 Project 3


Portfolio requirements


Finding the nuggets in picture selection

Portfolio Preparations

The Umbrella Affect


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Spring 2018 - Section # 41216

     With any luck we will Ellie Koleen as a speaker.  She is a wedding and event photographer who has done very well using social media to promote her work. Europe_2014_(18_of_31)
     Also I have  a confirmation from David Manning, Executive Editor of CaLux magazine that he  will be able to come. That date is still pending.
     This week I will talk a bit more about marketing after or during our speaker, and about your Project 3.  Be thinking about your logo and designs, and I will also show you more.
        We will resume our critique sessions of your portfolios in the coming weeks, interspersed with speakers I  hope. Still on tap is a copyright and law expert and  a photographer running a current studio and a video photographer.  See you Tuesday.

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Photo 40 Syllabus Spring 2018


Photo 40 Spring 2018