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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Spring 19 - Section #19189 - INTRO TO PHOTO  (Online)

Week 14

Week 14 Introduction

Week 14 introduction transcript

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Week 14 Road map

Week 14 Activity Checklist

Week 14 Shooting Exercise

Web Article on Sports Photography

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Sports photography Overview

How Sports Illustrated shoots football

Sports Photography Tips

Going to Extremes

Championship Surfing Video

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Week 12 Project 5 Light and Motion

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Week 13

Week 13 Introduction

Week 13 introduction Transcript

Weekly Documents

Week 13 Road map

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Week 13 Shooting exercise

low light exposure guide

Internet article on Commerical Photography

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Commerical Photography

Persuasvie Photography

The difference between Persuasive and Documentary

Behind the scenes video 1

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      Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Break. Chapel window 2
      Now we have to get down to work and finish strong.  That will mean being organized and getting everything done on time.
     This week we are looking at Sports photography.  What it takes to get that peak action shot and how reaction plays and important role.    How you have to be organized i differently to capture just the right moment.
     There are lots of videos to watch this week so keep up with it.
     Project 5 is due this week so be ready.  Project 6 will be assigned next week.  That will be the last thing
     Remember your Gallery Report will be due on May 1st, and after that the only thing left is Project 6 and the final.
     On your shooting assignment this week I want you to do something abit out of the ordinary.  Don’t do anything crazy, just have fun with it.  I look forward to what you will create.
       Let us finish this semester strong.

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