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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Fall 17 - Section #30826   (Online)

Week 11

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Macro Photography

Making your own Macro lens - just for fun

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Week 10

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The difference between the two

     This week will be a bit more video heavy as we move on to Fine Art Photography.
      Now perhaps many of you think this is the area of photography you would likePhoto28 to go.  That is great, however I must warn you it is not the lucrative or easiest to work in. It is highly competitive.
      We continue our discussion about styles  and how they influence not only the photographer, but the work they create.
    I mention in the intro video that the pace of the class will pick up now that we are past midterm. You have your Photographer’s Report as well as Project 4 in the works.  Make sure you keep up .
     Another aspect we will look at this week is Macro photography. I even included a video about a hobby method to make your own macro lens on the cheaAbstract example 1p.  That is just for fun, but interesting. Abstract example 2
     Many of you may have a Macro setting on your camera.  The designation for that is the flower symbol and it is the same on every camera.  This is not a true Macro style of work, but it will get you into the idea of it.  I suggest you mess around with it and see what you can create.
     Remember our friend Depth of Field? The closer you are to the subject the shallower the DOF becomes.  When you get to Macro work, it really gets shallow. 
     Also, above are two examples of ‘abstract’ photography.  Taking something and making it into something else.  The first is a set of glow sticks shot through and ordinary water bottle, and the second is the inside of a new washing machine.  Neither would be recognizable outright from these pictures, but they make interesting designs and images, none the less.
      Have fun this week.

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