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Photo 5 - Introduction to Photography - Online

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PHOTO-5 Spring 19 - Section #19189 - INTRO TO PHOTO  (Online)

Week 7

Week 7 Introducion

Week 7 Introduction Transcript

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week 7 Shooting Exercise for Composition

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Compositional tools & the Rule of Thirds

Professionals and Composition

Embrace the Shake

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Week 6 Photographers Report

Week 7 Project 3 Color & 25 steps

Week 6

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Weekly Documents

Week 6 roadmap

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       Well we enter this week with 1/3 of the semester behind us. Now is the time to think about grades and the semester’sRed rocks n of Cayucos end.  Make sure you are on top of the projects and that you turn them all in on time.
       Most of you did fine on the new system for turning in your work. We did experience a hickup with the new Mac (High Sierra Operating System) but you will see a fix for that coming shortly.                   Remember that all Projects and Shooting Exercises are to be turned in to the server.   All other stuff will be dealt with through Canvas.  Don’t forget your reading assignments.
       Under assignments you will find Project 3 - 25 steps and color.  Now this one you may have questions about and if you do then email me.  This is an exercise in seeing and I think you will find it interesting.
       You also have a reading assignment and a discussion post this week so again you will be busy.
        Remember you photographer’s report and get started on that.  Both your Project 3, Photographer’s Report and your Midterm will be due on the same day.  Check the charbe below.       

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Week 9

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Week 18

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