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Hawaii volcano Vent overview
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     Hope Now For Youth is a Christian emergency rescue team for young men,  ages 16 to 24, who are gang members or have criminal records. Through  caring and helping relationships and employment, they aim to lift gang  members from the streets to a life of hope and success.
     Read twelve incredible stories of spiritual restoration through Christ and how it has affected not only the lives of these men, but that of their families. Their stories illustrate the power of the Gospel message, the human spirit to change course and  a cycle of violence that CAN be broken.

Land of Fire & Water (Enter)

      The Big Island of Hawaii is a land of geographic contrasts.  This massive island, (compared to the rest) is the youngest in the chain of seven, and the only one with an active volcano.  Recent massive black  lava flows (1983 to the current day) descend the volcano’s of Mauna Loa  and Kilauea continuing to transform the landscape.  Hawaiians have met these challenges by constantly adapting and coping.
      The tonal qualities shown both from the volcanic dry side, to the towering waterfall cliffs of the north, show an incredible contrast for geographically small place.  It truly is a land of fire and water, illustrating  the power and importance of both.

Exterior overall
Archway NO 1

Hell’s Acre  (Enter)

    From the outside it looked like another old warehouse in a former industrial center in Pinedale, California.  Historically it had a more sordid past. A series of 10 warehouses were once the transition point, or Assembly Centers for thousands of Japanese of American ancestry in the first days of WWII.
    Forced from their  homes, these U. S. citizens were brought to places like this, forced to live here for days or months, until the Internment camps were set up throughout the country.
    In 2007 the last of these buildings was demolished, but before it disappeared, I took one last look inside looking for a visual link to a darker chapter in our nation’s history.

Southern Sojourn (Enter)

    Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to visit parts of the south, but I never had the time to explore.  In the summer of 2009 & 2011 I took some time and roamed the back roads of the Carolinas, Georgia and Lousiana.  I found a fascinating country where some areas were booming, and others  abandoned to their poverty.
    Places where traditions seem odd or funny and yet others where it appeared time had stood still.  It is a wonderful place, where the next hill or turn in the road could bring a smile or perhaps a tear

Couple Camping on the river

Rio de los Santos Reyes (Enter)

        The Kings River that flows through Central California and is a river of distinction in several ways.  One, it is divided into three unique and deliberate regions with specific functions and  issues.  It is also only one of two major rivers in the world that does not flow to the ocean.  The other being the Jordan in the Middle East.
        These images focus on the many uses, issues and beauty of this river environment. How man has used it, reclaimed it, and at times, abused it

Love tattoo1
Shooting 4
Diablo Canyon Blockade confrontation
Reagan and horse2

The Harbor (Enter) Now available as an E-book

        The Harbor is a place of contrasts. The unique simplicity of its purpose is a sharp departure from the complexity of the souls who live here.   As the sun, land and water converge, so do the lives of a variety of people.  Below that scenic veneer are deeper stories. Men who have escaped to the sea for the solitude and peace it provides and successful men who have prospered from the sea. The haves’ and have-nots.
        It is against this backdrop that the people’s lives intersect at The Harbor. They all seek it, some find peace, some succeed, and some self-destruct.   The contrasts are a glimpse of all of us, seeking much the same thing.....a place to be ‘safe’.

San Miguel Shootout (Enter)

  On a hot summer morning in 1977, Marvin Martin, barricaded himself inside a small house in what used to be a motel and fired on San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies. After a  three hour standoff,  tear gas was fired into the building, which quickly caught the old structure on fire.  Martin came out firing.  A SWAT team responded  with heavy gunfire, mortally wounding Martin who, even after being shot multiple times, continued to reach for his weapon to kill the officers.  It was one of the first cases that appeared to be a “suicide by cop”.  Click on the image to see the series.

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant Protests (Enter)

      The subject of nuclear power has always been controversial. In the mid 1970’s through the late 80’s  Pacific, Gas and Electric’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant became a flash point of protests.
      Thousands of protesters made their way to the gates of the plant to hold 1960’s style rallies.  Some reached the plant from the ocean, others hiked overland the seven miles to hoist their signs near the huge containment domes.  Those at the gates sang songs chanted of the evils of nuclear power, while others taunted  P,G&E officials as the National Guard stood by.   Many were arrested and eventually all left leaving only the locals to carry on the fight. 

Ronald Reagan Campaigning  (Enter)

    In May of 1976, then former governor of California Ronald Reagan attended a campaign barbeque held in his honor at the Paso Robles Fairgrounds.   The afternoon was blazing hot.  Activities called for a rodeo, BBQ and speeches from Republican dignitaries.  Reagan played his role elegantly, riding a horse in the mini parade to the rodeo, and with wife Nancy, covering all the political bases.  Reagan was in his element!
     At the time of the fundraiser Reagan was challenging Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination and a strong show of support, like this event in Paso, paved the way for Reagan’s eventual victory later.

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