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Soli Deo Gloria

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Earthquake victimspsd


     As primarily a documentary photographer this section represents the bulk of what I do. I love to show the diversity and vitality of life in a variety of ways and perspectives.  These are past and present stories from the Diablo Canyon Nuclear protests of the 70 and 80’s to the ongoing Kings River Project.  Presented as a historical documentation of what was, what is, and perhaps giving us a window into what our future might be.

Clearing storm 3

The West

     While primarily considering myself a documentarian, I’m also drawn to abstracts and fine art of photography.  There is a certain thrill of creation  when working a fine art idea that seems absent in storytelling.  Each has it’s unique place in my heart, but there is just something about a single refined image.  Throughout the West I find an incredible diverse palette of images and people that reflect not only our individuality but also our dependence on understanding one another and our surrounding environment.

Parable #9

Mechanicals & Botanicals

     This project was undertaken out of shear boredom!  My wife was sick with the flu and I found myself housebound.  I had an idea of contrasting God’s creation vs. mechanical objects.  I starting pulling things out of my kitchen, garage and garden.  I investigated various pairings of items together.  The result was a series of images that  have been called disturbing and elegant.  I refer to them  as “Parables” because each  relates to the perfection of the natural world contrasted against the mechanical man-made objects of obsolescence.  A storied contrast of our materia,l and God’s natural world.

Polite dumping
Half Dome Upper Yosemite Valley at sunset

Off the Beaten Path

     Every photographer has a portion of their work that they really don’t know what to do with. Off The Beaten Path is mine.  These are images that I found funny, stupid or just plain weird reflecting the absurdity of the human condition.  While man can celebrate his accomplishments and show his greatness, I think there are  times we need to show our silliness. Please enjoy.


Hey, what can I say, my main medium is B&W and is my first love, but the world wants color so here is a concession to it.

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