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How they work

     The Digital Challenge Workshop Series are designed on four levels.
    The first is for photographers who are just beginning to work in digital seriously and want to improve their skills.  This seminar deals not only with the technical aspects, camera choice and options, but also the social  aspects of the photographic medium.
  The second is for those who are familiar with  digital photography and really want to take their images to the next level. Topics include color use, Photoshop’s translation of color, composition tools and on location lighting using small strobes.
      The third workshop is a new addition added by popular demand.  The seminar is designed to enhance the artistic skills of any visual artist when it comes to composition and light. Understanding the relationship of not only the physical, but also the emotional perceptions of our response to photographs is an important aspect to any visual artist..
     The fourth, is a location workshop where we stress practical ideas to improve your shooting. Also ideas to help you  maximize your creativity in solving lighting, design and physical issues. This seminar includes onsite instruction, and a follow up ‘critique’ night
   All three workshops are designed as informative seminars, inexpensive and yet practical in approach to every photographic problem you may confront.
     For more information on Thom  click on the About page.
    Come on down and see what it’s all about. We have a great time

A portion of all proceeds from these workshops are donated back to Spectrum Art Gallery.

Questions regarding these workshops or classes in Photography at Fresno City College contact Thom at Info@thomhalls.com or visit the Classes page on this website.

Contact - info@thomhalls.com

Digital Challenge Workshop Series

The Next Series of Workshops has been Postponed until Fall

Composition & Light

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Digital Challenge


The basics of form and composition.
How content relates to design in an image.
Light and how it reveals information and affects our moods.
Controlling the light in every situation.
Techniques to ‘see’ rather than just experience a scene.
Anticipation - the art of seeing and reading what will happen in various scenes both physically and emotionally.
As always there will be door prizes!

 Space is Limited

What participants say about the workshops

“Your class was terrific. You have such an enthusiasm for photography and for teaching it. You embraced us wherever our learning curve might be and made it a very comfortable and supportive learning environment”.                                                       L. Clark

"Great workshop on Thursday. It was a lot of fun & tons of info, went home & hugged my camera & told her everything is going to be alright!"
                                                      T. Placeica

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Old Barn at sunse 2t

       This workshop is a double whammy. First we meet on a Saturday at the Gallery  and then proceed to a specific location for a morning of shooting.
        Then during that week you will email  your best three images. I prepare a critique and on a Thursday night later that week we meet back at the Gallery sharing our images  and experiences of the  day.  I also show some techniques in Photoshop t
hat will help improve your shooting and presentation of images . It’s a lot of fun!

Postponed until Fall

 Problem Solving

On Location

  • How exposure relates to mood
  • Filters, what they mean and how to use them.
  • Tripods / mono pods, your constant friend
  • Flash, how to use in landscape photography and still appear natural.
  • Makeshift solutions for difficult problems and thinking through the physical adversity of a scene.
  • Taking risks others just won’t due.
  • Using Photoshop as the intrepretive tool

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Workshop #1 - Fall 2015

Beginning the Digital Challenge

Milann street scene

Location: Spectrum Art Gallery
608 E. Olive Avenue
Fresno, Calif.

The historical importance of Photography
Understanding the camera by the numbers
Exposure and how to maximize  quality
Your style and intentions with the camera
Smaller cameras vs DSLR’s - the choices
Understanding  your metering system
Preserving your memories
Resolution and  your images
Flash, and how it can transform your work
The importance of light and communication.

 Space is Limited

Workshop #2 - Fall 2015

Daisys in the wind

Spectrum Art Gallery
608 E. Olive Ave, Fresno, Ca
 Space is Limited

Pursuing the
Digital Challenge


  • Taking your images to the next level
  • How Photoshop interprets what you see
  • Equipment choice. Maximizing your $$$
  • Paying attention to the light & texture.
  • How to “work” a subject
  • Composition principles - Landscapes
  • Photographing People: understanding light.
  • Resolution: being practical & assured
  • Demystifying  creative flash Photography