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The Wives of Hope Now

Some things are worth waiting for

   They all waited.
     Through tearful nights, lonely hours where they did not know where the man in their life was; whether he was dead or alive.   Some of the women had their own gang history. As one said, "we were not all princesses".  
     About a third of the way through this project it was evident that the women were as much the story as the men.  For the women of Hope Now are special.  They are strong, faithful and by evidence of their husband and boyfriend's  testimonies, a powerful tool in the hands of the Almighty God.
     The most striking evidence of Hope Now's success is the exponential family salvation through the husband's transformation.  While there are no guarantee's for anyone

Wives Cropped

of these families, the intensity of the husband's experience, coupled with the faithful, nurturing love of the wife, insures these children will be loved, cared for and protected in prayer throughout their lives.  This is a hallmark of a strong family.
     Twelve men are presented in these portraits. Nine wives are pictured here representing the 30 plus lives affected by a dramatic commitment to Christ.  The enduring legacy is that many of these women, stood by their men,

through good and bad, and all of them will tell you, because of Jesus, these guys were worth waiting for.