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Anthony Lopez

No where to go

      Anthony's life was not going anywhere.  He was lost. He'd hit a wall.
      Dealing drugs, and running from what he knew was the right thing to do, gang life was an easy fit. Belonging to something was more important than doing what was right.
      The thrill of the streets wears thin quickly. The bravado gives way to the hypocrisy of survival of the toughest.  Anthony soon realized, like many do, there are no real winners in the gang life.
      Caught and convicted, he was sentenced to the California Youth Authority.  Anthony realized his choices were slim. Find a way out when released, or next time he would be in State Prison.
      Anthony came to Hope Now, with no intention other than getting out of the gang lifestyle.   Hope Now

Anthony 2

would help him get a job. It wasn't the best way, though it was a start.
      But, there was still that barrier in his life. Something he could not get around, a vacuum-like feeling that there was something missing.
Finally, Anthony realized it was bigger than he was.
      One night at a Hope Now Bible Study, Anthony bowed his head,  and, with the help of another ex-gang member, he prayed the "sinners prayer'.  Life changed.


  Anthony, now with his wife and children are happier than ever.   He is working and volunteers at Hope Now helping others get past the hopelessness.
      For Anthony the barrier was lifted, replaced by an openness and hope that surpasses all  understanding.  His past consumed his youth.  Today he is determined that his family's future will be guided by God.