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Paul Varela

Rising from the ashes

     For years Paul believed that little in his life was his fault. But, he was a young man out of control.   Physical abuse and drugs, followed him through adolescence and into adult life.
      By 15, he had his first child and at the same time, was in and out of Juvenile Hall. Soon he graduated to selling meth, not just using it.
     All the time he was dealing, he was laughing at those he sold too. He pitied them, but at the same time ridiculed their dependence.           Then one day, alone in a restroom,  he looked at himself in the mirror.  Paul was struck by the blank stare returning. "What had happened to him? Why had God done this to me", was his cry. 
   The weakness that he saw in others, now glared back at him.

paul varela 3a

In his heart, Paul knew this broken man could only be healed by God's power.  He collapsed on the floor asking God for help.  His trust in everything he knew of the streets had been shattered.  He was truly alone.
      Later, in an apartment off Belmont Avenue, near one of the many alley's he used to roam peddling drugs, Paul accepted Jesus.
     He says it was Christ's power alone that allowed him to stop drugs and alcohol.

He has no other explanation.  Hope Now helped in finding a job, giving support and loving a hurting young boy stuck inside an angry young man..  He was no longer alone.
   Today, Paul is working, married with three daughters.  God is with him and his choices today are only for God's will in his life and that of his family's.