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Soli Deo Gloria

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Portraits of A spiritual journey

Carlos Gamez 3
Carlos Gamez, Transformation’s Project, 2014
reversal different color
  •    Read about the work of Hope Now for Youth and the remarkable stories of  deliverance  from a life of gang violence to redemption and hope through Christ. 
         Take a look at 12 men who took an incredible step of faith.

Depicting the people and places of California’s unique San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast, Yosemite & the West.

On Going project

Gordon Wolf july 2010
Rios de los Santos Reyes

“river of the holy kings”

Story Galleries

Land of Fire & water

Hawaii volcano Vent overview

 Hawaii is known as a paradise to many, but it is also a land  of great contrasts. The big island of Hawaii is no exception from its high waterfalls to stark volcanoes.

Hell’s Acre

Exterior overall

In the late 1990’s they only looked like old abandoned warehouses. In the 1940’s they were used as an Assembley Center for Japanese Americans.

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Sedona rocks and approaching storm

Approaching storm, Sedona, Arizonia

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