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Soli Deo Gloria

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Pisa street scene

Documenting Central California & beyond with words and pictures

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Street Scene Textures,
 Pisa, Italy, 2014

On Going project

41 bridge pilings, end of natural river

“river of the holy kings”

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Off the Beaten Track

Southern Sojourn

When pruning goes badly

   Every photographer has images that of they found funny, stupid or just plain weird reflecting the absurdity of the human condition.   I think there are  times we need to laugh at ourselves.


In the summers of 2009 & 2011 I took some time and roamed the back roads of the Carolinas, Georgia and Lousiana.  I found a fascinating country of progress and abandon.


Parliment, London England  2014

PEI Lighthouse and lobster cages

Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island, Canada, 2013

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